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Toyohari Method
Toyohari is a very subtle, gentle style of Acupuncture from Japan. The needles used are very thin gauge, and "contact needling" is used. This does not involve insertion under the skin, and so is...
Shonishin Method
Shonishin is the Paediatric form of Acupuncture from Japan. Like Toyohari, it employs non invasive techniques, such as rubbing and tapping the skin with solid silver instruments, so it is perfectly safe...
Manaka's Yin Yang Balancing system
Dr Manaka's system employs some modern, scientific principles. Ion Pumping Cords are attached to the needles, in order to create a powerful effect without the traditional manipulation of the acupuncture...
The Instruments used in the application of Japanese Acupuncture
Why Japanese Acupuncture
Acupuncture has a written history which goes back over 2,000 years. As with any discipline which has such a long history, many different styles have evolved over time. Back in the 1930's in Japan, the...
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